May BOTM: L.S. & J.M. Gravelle, INC.

May BOTM: L.S. & J.M. Gravelle, INC.

Pictured (above): (From left, back row) Ronald Hitt, maintenance with L.S. & J.M. Gravelle, Laura Hassell, Chamber Treasurer, Joe Gravelle, L.S. & J.M. Gravelle, Brenda Struth, Chamber President, Paul Gravelle, L.S. & J.M. Gravelle, Mandy Moroni, Chamber Secretary, Bill Hendrix, Chamber Board of Directors, (standing in the front) Tina Jordan and Heather Chapman, secretaries with L.S. & J.M. Gravelle. (Photo by Monica Huff)

Congratulations to L.S. & J.M. Gravelle, INC. for being chosen as Winnsboro-Franklin Parish Chamber of Commerce’s Business of the Month. When the Gulf Oil Corporation moved into Franklin Parish in 1931, L.S. & J.M. Gravelle, Inc. was founded by Leonard S. Gravelle as a distributor for their products. Since that time, the company has remained in the Gravelle family. Currently, Joe S. Gravelle and Paul C. Gravelle operate the company after assuming ownership from their late father, Joe M. Gravelle. The company sells motor fuels to over fifty convenience stores in Louisiana and Mississippi, & is a branded marketer for Chevron, Texaco, and Citgo. Its sister company, NELA Petroproperties, LLC, owns properties that it leases throughout North Louisiana.

“It cannot be overstated the importance of Franklin Parish and its people to the success of our business for almost ninety years. We are most grateful and blessed to be part of this wonderful parish.”- Joe S. Gravelle and Paul C. Gravelle.