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The Winnsboro – Franklin Parish Chamber of Commerce is in the business of serving our community. From helping new businesses get started to representing the interests of the well-established pillars of our business community, the Chamber works to ensure that Winnsboro and Franklin Parish offer one of the best places in the South to work, live and play.

buildingSince its founding in 1949, the Chamber of Commerce has played an active role in the development of Winnsboro and Franklin Parish, and many of those efforts are ongoing.

Through the initial efforts of the Chamber, the annual Catfish Festival draws thousands to downtown Winnsboro each April, and thousands of dollars are awarded to deserving parish high school seniors every spring at the annual Franklin Parish Academic Achievement Banquet. The Chamber also encourages parish residents to shop at home at the annual Franklin Parish “Shop At Home Fair,” and the nighttime Christmas Parade brings thousands of yuletide visitors to the parish.

It must be said that these success stories aren’t based solely on the efforts of the Chamber of Commerce. They came about because of the unique ability of our residents to work together for the good of our parish. Time and again, people from all over Franklin Parish have pulled together to do the things needed to enhance our parish and our way of life.

During the year, local civic clubs, churches, organizations, and businesses take on a host of community service projects, and the successes of these projects cannot be overstated. Many have been ongoing for years, and more are planned in the future.

That strong sense of community pride evident throughout the parish is the engine that drives Franklin Parish. We are fortunate in that regard, for other parishes aren’t so lucky.

These unselfish acts of community involvement define who we are and, in turn, make our parish a better place.

Through the Chamber, businesses and individuals can be informed of the issues impacting their lives. They can then work together to help improve all aspects of community life, with their collective voices heard throughout city, parish, and state government, as well as throughout our business community.

Being a member of the Winnsboro – Franklin Parish Chamber of Commerce is a small investment that can pay big dividends in a variety of ways. We hope that through this website, people will become more familiar with our parish and the Chamber of Commerce, as well as with the people who call Franklin Parish home.