Academic Achievement Banquet

“Celebrating your Bright Future” will be the theme for the 31th annual Franklin Parish Academic Achievement banquet.  The banquet recognizes students for their academics.  The banquet will be held in the Franklin Parish High School cafeteria on Thursday, April 20 beginning at 7 p.m.  Juniors and seniors with an overall grade point average of 3.5 or a 25+ on the ACT are honored guests at the banquet.  The event is co-sponsored by the Winnsboro/Franklin Chamber of Commerce and the Franklin Parish School Board.

Seniors who attend the banquet are eligible for scholarships that are given through a random drawing. Scholarships are given based on donations made by individuals and businesses and range from $250 to $1000.  Individuals and businesses may give a scholarship in their name with a donation of $250 or more but any size donation is appreciated.

For the past 31 years the banquet continues to grow and flourish as a well-supported event in our community. We understand the importance of encouraging our youth to embrace educational opportunities to strengthen their ability to succeed.  Their ability to find employment and make advancements in a position not only helps their family but it helps the community.

If you would like to make a donation toward the scholarships, contact Jane Clark at the Chamber Office, 435-4488. Tickets for the banquet are $10. Tickets may be purchased by the general public beginning April 13 at the Chamber Office located in the Old