Business of the Month for May

            Shockwaves Music was selected as Business of the Month for May. Its location is 701 Prairie Street in Winnsboro.  The Chamber is proud to have Shockwaves Music in the community and as a Chamber member.

Shockwaves Music began as a dream. Its owner, Adam Ogden, grew up playing music from an early age. He spent countless hours learning new instruments, and has played guitar at his church since he was young. Although he graduated from Louisiana Tech with an electrical engineering degree, it has always been a dream of his to have a career in music. In August of 2013, that dream became a reality when Billy Ray, former owner of Ray Sound Co., offered him the opportunity to take over his corner music store. Since that day Shockwaves Music has grown and expanded, picking up major name brand gear and offering a larger selection. It has become the goal of Shockwaves Music to meet all of the musical needs of the community, whether it be for something like new guitars or drums, or sound systems for businesses, churches, and DJs. Adam Ogden also enjoys sharing his passion for music with others, by teaching lessons to anyone eager to learn. With his degreed knowledge of electronics, he also offers repair services for instruments, amplifiers, and sound gear. Shockwaves Music is proud to support its community, and offer a variety of musical needs.